Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The Pied Piper of Washington D.C.

Last week I wrote about the problem of immigrant children flooding the U.S.-Mexican border and the case of one two year old child--Adrian--who was brought by a presumed smuggler to the U.S. before being identified and returned to his mother in Durango, Mexico.

In just a week the situation has worsened significantly.  To put what is happening in perspective for my readers, I moved out of the El Paso, Texas area May 1, 2014.  Today, June 17, 2014, illegal immigrants are swarming into the city at a rate we have never seen before.  My brother, Chris, who has been an operations manager with a local broadcast network affiliate for over twenty years and whose wife is the news director at the same station, sent me this email on Friday afternoon.  I am reprinting it with his permission: 

Are you keeping up with the news on these immigrants flooding into the country? It is crazy here in El Paso,  We have bus loads of thousands of women and children who are coming up from Central America because they have heard that Obama is going to give their children amnesty.  This is what they have actually told our news teams when we go interview them.

Finding them is no problem, we just go to the bus terminals and they are standing there waiting to go into the interior.

So the Border Patrol is picking them up all over the Southwest border, busing them to El Paso, where they are being directed to these local organizations who are supposed to care for immigrants.  The folks who are supposed to be helping them are interviewing them, getting the names of anyone in the country who knows them and can put them up.  When they make contact with a family member or friend somewhere in the US, they help the immigrants get bus tickets and arrange for them to be picked up by their families in New York, or Washington, or where ever.  Before the Border Patrol releases them, they are given a court date and told they need to show up for it and are put into the system to have their case reviewed, which we are told will take several years to get around to because of backlogs.  Of course, there is nothing to force these people to show up for any hearings and there are literally thousands of them streaming in daily.
It is the craziest thing I have seen.  [DC] has literally opened the borders and we are swimming in them in El Paso.  Buses coming in everyday.


And then yesterday I received this email: 

Everything is the same here in El Paso  We are getting overrun by illegals. Yesterday the Feds flew a plane load of them to the EP airport and let them loose.  Lovely.


I am also hearing stories that many of these "kids" are seventeen or eighteen years old and are filling up the city. Reportedly they're hanging out in bands in retail parking lots begging for money.  An influx of jobless, parentless youth with no skills and minimal, if any, education, cannot end well for El Paso or for the U.S. as they continue to spread through the nation.

Driving this flood of illegal child immigrants are policies like "The Dream Act" which promise to give amnesty to the children of immigrants.  Of course, that promise was originally supposedly predicated on the concept that these children were the unintended victims of their parents' illegal behavior--they had no say in being brought to a nation that became the only country they had ever called home and it was, therefore, inhumane to deport them.  Now, however, we are seeing a flood of underage minors actively engaging in illegal immigration because they perceive that they have a free ticket to the U.S.  The Heritage Foundation's Daily Signal spotlighted this issue today in an interview with a woman from Central America whose fifteen year old son chose to cross illegally into the U.S.  

Anybody left in the U.S. who has any illusions that policies that are fostering this influx of illegal immigration are humane needs to go back and read "The Pied Piper of Hamlin."  In the poem, the piper lures away the village children with promises of a lifetime of delicious food and fun only to take them into the heart of the mountain where they disappear and are never heard from again.  Likewise, the Obama Administration has become the Pied Piper of D.C., promising a glorious future it cannot possibly deliver.  At a time when our social service programs are financially strapped, over 100 million Americans are out of the workforce and a reported twenty percent of American households do not have one single family member who is working, the Obama Administration has led tens of thousands of young people to believe that they will find work and prosperity in this country.  In reality, with no education, poor English skills and limited opportunities, many will undoubtedly end up in crime or prostitution to survive. 

At its heart, the failure of the Obama Administration's immigration policies is the failure of all liberalism--which assumes that there will always be money and resources to pay for every program and to support every person.  It is the epic failure that stems from a government that refuses to follow the laws, that invites open immigration with no vision or plan for how to integrate the newcomers into our society.  It is the failure of a government that refuses to recognize that immigration should and must, like any other successful relationship, be mutually beneficial.  The immigrants must offer something to our society other than just their own needs.  Simply being young is not enough to make a person a desirable future citizen.

What is happening in El Paso and other border communities is a crisis and a tragedy.  But if we as a nation do not start dealing with this quickly it is a crisis that will not stay confined to the border.  Congress needs to take action immediately to do whatever it can to stop this flow of migrants before our whole nation begins to suffer from the overload and these children have to face a lifetime of bad consequences from having been lied to about life in the United States.
Alexandra Swann is the author of No Regrets: How Homeschooling Earned me a Master's Degree at Age Sixteen and several other books. Her novel, The Planner, about an out of control, environmentally-driven federal government implementing Agenda 21, is available on Kindle and in paperback. For more information, visit her website at http://www.frontier2000.net.

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