Friday, September 11, 2015

Never Forget is Not Enough--On 09/11 We Need to Pledge Never Again

Our country is in trouble--no question about it.  As I write this post on the 14th anniversary of 09/11, I am both troubled by the sadness of this day and horrified by the world events that are taking place around us.  This week, as we commemorate the worst attack on U.S. soil in the history of our nation, we are also racing toward our own self-made Armageddon.  On the eve of 09/11, Democrats in the Senate successfully blocked an attempt to stop Obama's disastrous deal with Iran.  This deal unleashes hundreds of billions of dollars to a nation that has been a continuous source of problems since 1979 when radicals there stormed the American embassy and took American citizens hostage.

Ironically, we abandoned Americans in Iran with this deal. The deal virtually guarantees that the four Americans being held in Iran, including Pastor Saeed Abedini, will die in prison.  This is disgraceful and inexcusable.  It is a failure by our nation to protect its citizens and it is a failure of every single branch of government.

It is amazing to me how many Americans have conveniently forgotten that the Iranian government has been promising death to America and calling us the Great Satan  from that day to this one.  I actually saw a tweet this morning mocking conservatives who oppose this deal asking why we are against it when 09/11 was carried by out by Shia Muslims and the Iranians are Sunnis--sworn enemies of the terrorists.  Really?   The Iranians are the sworn enemies of the U.S. and Israel and that's about it.  This Shia-Sunni in-fighting will go on forever, but it pales in comparison to the hatred they have for us and the nation of Israel.  But, never-the-less, we want them to have a nuclear weapon.

My tweet from this morning summarized how I am feeling today:

"On the eve of the 14th anniversary Obama gives Iran nuclear weapons and gives amnesty to 10,000 budding jihadists. #tcot".   Apparently it's not enough to arm our sworn enemy with a nuclear weapon--we also need to turn loose tens of thousands of potential ISIS fighters on our soil.  Yesterday Obama promised that the U.S. will give amnesty to 10,000--tomorrow that figure will go up substantially.  With approximately four million refugees at the Syrian border, and with Israel and at least 4 EU countries demonstrating the good sense to refuse these people entry to our nation, it is only logical that we are going to be over run.  The irony is that, according to the U.N, these refugees are not families with children as the news would like us to believe.  Over 70% of these "refugees" are young men.  We saw one of these interviewed on the evening news this week.  He was a well dressed young man in his late teens or early twenties with braces on his teeth.  He had remarkable proficiency in English and spoke with very little accent.  This young man and the thousands like him don't look much like war refugees--they look a lot more like ISIS fighters in the making. And although many Muslims are converting to Christianity as soon as they get to Europe, Islam allows conversions to other religions for the purposes of survival.  These conversions do not mean that they have changed any of their allegiances, or any of their ideals. 

Chicks on the Right illustrated this point really effectively earlier this week when they sent a reporter to Minnesota to interview the residents of a U.S. city that is exporting a lot of young people to go fight for ISIS.  I am attaching the link to this video.  It is only about 5 minutes long but it is MUST SEE for anyone who still really believes that our new refugee neighbors are going to be either grateful or loyal to the U.S.  Watch here and draw your own conclusions.

As we continue to commemorate the day, many Americans are praying and fasting.  We need to pray--we need to ask for guidance about what to do about a government that is taking "love your enemies" to unforeseen levels.  But we also need to ask for resolve.  Today we say Never Forget.  But  it is not enough to never forget.  It is not enough to look at the burning buildings and hear the stories of loss and sadness unless we can also commit to ensure Never Again.  How many MORE American lives are we willing to lose--both here and overseas--before we understand that Islam is not a beautiful religion of peace, that terrorists don't just need increased economic opportunity and better wages. How much further are we going to carry this national groveling in the face of evil before we stand up as a nation and say Never Again. 

If today you are praying for the nation, pray for peace and protection but also courage and conviction and fortitude. The word Islam does not mean "peace"; it means submission.  It is a religion that is horrifically brutal in the face of weakness.  We have shown extreme weakness in this negotiation and in allowing in these refugees.  We should expect brutality in return.  Pray that we have the wisdom to change course, the strength to show courage and the resolve to stand against the aggression that is coming so that we can defend what is left of this country while we still have a chance.