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It's a Good Day to Die--UN World Population Day 2013

In 1989, the governing council of the United Nations Development Programme voted that every July 11th should be celebrated as "World Population Day".  The purpose of commemorating one day to focus on population was to "focus attention on the urgency and importance of population issues in the context of overall development plans and programmes and the need to find solutions for these issues."

The focus of this year's event is adolescent pregnancy.  According to the U.N.'s website, about 16 million girls under the age of 18 give birth each year and another 3.2 million undergo "unsafe" abortions. Ninety percent of these girls are married, but for many of them pregnancy is not an "informed choice".  Rather these pregnancies result from "discrimination, rights violations (including child marriage) inadequate education or sexual coercion."  Therefore, the goal this year is to "raise awareness of the issue of adolescent pregnancy in the hopes of delivering a world where every pregnancy is wanted, every childbirth is safe and every young person's potential is fulfilled."  These sentiments are echoed in Secretary General Ban Ki-moon's statement today, "When we devote attention and resources to the education, health and well being of adolescent girls, they will become an even greater force for positive change in society that will have an impact for generations to come.  On this World Population Day, let us pledge to support adolescent girls to realize their full potential and contribute to our shared future."

I think all of us would probably agree that reducing teenage pregnancy is a good goal--although those of us who are pro-life would differ dramatically in our approach to achieving this goal.  But the simple truth of the matter is the innocuous goal of  helping young girls meet their full potential has no more to do with World Population Day than clean air and water have to do with Agenda 21.  World Population Day is just a celebration for another global program--this one promoting eugenics. 

The U.N. tends to be very careful about its statements on population control, population reduction and abortion--in part because many of the member states, including Vatican City, have taken a firm stance on protecting human life.  But other global organizations, think tanks affiliated with the UN and non governmental organizations connected to the UN are a lot more open and honest about what they really think.

For instance, Princeton professor and bioethicist Peter Singer, speaking at the Women Deliver Conference in Kuala Lumpur held at the end of May 2013 and attended by Melinda Gates and representatives of the Ford Foundation, stated plainly that family planning efforts may not be sufficient to curb population growth and that "we ought to consider what other things we can order to try to stave off some of the worst consequences of environmental catastrophes."

"It's possible, of course," Singer continues, "that we give women reproductive choices, that we meet the unmet need for contraception but that we find that the number of women that choose to have is still such that the population continues to rise in a way that causes environmental problems," noting as he continues that some women choose to have larger families because of ideological or religious views.  To achieve the population control that Singer perceives we need in order to save the planet, he says that it is "appropriate to consider whether women's reproductive rights are 'fundamental' and unalterable or whether--in bioethicist speak, they are 'prima facie'--good and important to respect but there can be imaginable circumstances in which you may be justified in overriding them."  In plain English--we don't care that the baby you are carrying is a completely "wanted" child--the state says you can't give birth to it for the greater good.

Unfortunately, Singer is not alone in his views.  Maurice Strong, chairman of the 1992 Earth Summit which led to the infamous global environmental policy document Agenda 21, gave an interview to BBC in the 1970's where he stated that he envisioned a future where people would be forced to receive licenses from the government in order to be able to reproduce.

More recently, media magnate Ted Turner has stated openly that the world cannot support more than 1 or 2 billion people at the most and that every couple must commit to have no more than 2 children for the next 100 years.  (Of course, if every couple produced 2 children for the next 100 years we would have zero population growth over the next 100 years and we would still be at a population of approximately 7 billion people, so this would not produce the vast reduction in the world's numbers that Turner says we need.)

Turner's comments are so outrageous that a reasonable person needs verification that we are not being punked.  Fortunately he is on video in a 2008 interview with Charlie Rose explaining the dire consequences of NOT reducing the world's population (cannibalism and mass starvation),  and I have inserted the video here for your viewing pleasure. 

Turner asserts that we should look to China's "voluntary" one child policy which is credited with keeping the Chinese population at 1.2 billion people.  Of course, the Chinese one-child policy is NOT voluntary. Forced abortions have long been a hallmark of Chinese population control.  Last year, photos of a young married woman lying in a hospital bed next to her dead baby after being forcibly aborted  were posted on the Internet and resulted in three Chinese officials being fired because they had embarrassed the government. The Chinese don't mind brutalizing a young woman who wants to have a second child or forcing her to endure the cruelty of lying next to the baby they have just killed, but they don't want the rest of the world to be critical of them for these actions. 

There but for the grace of God go we also.  Today the Texas Senate is trying to pass a bill restricting abortions after twenty weeks, and that effort has led to 11 hour filibusters in the Texas Senate and crowds of pro-choice protesters outside the Texas Capitol yelling "Hail Satan".  Never mind that in many developed secular liberal western countries, including Denmark and Sweden, abortions are not legal after 12 weeks.  Any attempt to limit or restrict abortion is portrayed as a virulent attack on women's rights, but in reality it strikes at the heart of the most basic elements of population control.  The world's population cannot be reduced to the levels of 1 to 2 billion people--and some eugenics proponents say no more than 1 billion people--without a means for actively eliminating most of the people here.  Abortion conditions the population that life is expendable and can be destroyed.  Any effort to stop abortion and protect life is an effort to make life in and of itself sacred, and that philosophy is the direct enemy of population control advocates.

The Club of Rome, an environmental think tank which works with the United Nations, says, "The common enemy of humanity is man."  To global population control proponents, the only answer for the human race is the destruction of the lives of billions of humans.  And that makes, July 11, World Population Day, a good day to die.

Want to know more about Agenda 21, how it is being implemented and what you can do about it?  Watch this video: 


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